Maritime Southeast Asia, a kaleidoscope of exotic sights, tastes and experiences will capture your imagination and thrill your senses.

The sea is pebbled with thousands of islands, Indonesia alone comprising 17,508 islands and often referred to as ‘Tanah Air Kitah’, ‘our land and water’.

These warm and limpid waters are Lamima’s home and it will be her crew’s privilege to show you the untouched world and secluded bays she calls her own. The hospitable island people and their ancient traditions, the virgin rainforests, the facinating fauna and flora and the breathtaking sapphire seascapes will entice you deeper and deeper into this unique world which will remain etched in your memory forever.

It goes without saying that the safety of guests cruising such remote areas is paramount. No other luxury yacht in Indonesian waters has Lamima’s range and capacity and she alone has an international classification (RINA) conforming to international safety regulations. She is also one of a very few five-star charter vessels registered under the Indonesian flag. You can be confident that such exclusivity also extends to the locations she explores.

Luxury Scheduled Cruise Expedition 2017 - 2018

Komodo National Park in 5 Nights

Bali - Komodo - Bali in 10 Nights

Greater Raja Ampat Islands in 10 Nights

Bali to Komodo in 7 Nights

Maumere to Alor in 7 Nights

Raja Ampat To Banda in 7 Nights

Komodo to Bali in 7 Nights

Ambon to Sorong in 7 Nights

Mergui Archipelago in 7 Nights

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