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This month we are celebrating the 6 th year of Lamima venture.

Lamima project started in September 2011 in Bira . After one year in Sulawesi to build the hull, we spent two years in Bangkok to do all engineering and finishing.

Since then, we have been cruising Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, we brought our guests to the most amazing places. Our Main cruising ground is of course Indonesia, as you can sail the year around in these magnificent islands. To name a few our favorite destinations will be: Raja Ampat, Triton bay, the Banda Islands, Flores and Komodo.

All these places, have stunning sceneries and fantastic diving, and except for Komodo which might be busy in July and August all the other areas are still very remote and preserved from tourism.
This is the real luxury: to cruise in paradise with nobody around, you can pick your own private beach for the day or you can go and explore with one of our tenders the maize of virgin islands in south Misool.

Lamima luxury yacht charetr, best diving boat in Indonesia - Komodo, Thailand and Mergui

We also love to cruise The Mergui between December and February, as the weather is at his bets during these month. Mergui is a very easy access as you will start and finish you cruise from Phuket. No need visa for the Mergui as we have special authorization for our guests to cruise the area.
Starting from Phuket offer as well the opportunity to spend a few day exploring Thailand before or after your cruise. Or you might as well be willing to cruise the Phuket Coast line before to cruise the remote and untouched Mergui islands in south Myanmar. We have been on the water for 3 years only and we already establish a name in the yacht charter world.

As our central Yacht charter agent Camper and Nicholson in Monaco said :

‘Today, Lamima is by far the best charter yacht in Indonesia whether we talk about the quality of the build, the size, the quality of the crew or the scope of activities they offer, they exceed all expectations.’

Lamima has been built with love and passion to bring our guests to the hidden gems of South East Asia. What will impress you the most when you walk onboard, will be the warm welcome of our Indonesian crew who will make you feel that you belong here.