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INDONESIA’S eastern islands, known collectively as Nusa Tenggara, stretches from the western island of Lombok to Timor in the east. Here, the region is markedly different from the rest of the country. The climate is drier and more evocative of Australia than of tropical Bali. Komodo, hilly and desolate, is sandwiched between Flores and Sumbawa islands and has only one village, Kampung Komodo, a Bugis fishing settlement on its eastern shore.

Dolphins are a common sight in the seas between Komodo and Flores and the area is also on a Whale migration route. The reefs offer good snorkeling and some of the best diving in Indonesia, especially with Manta Rays. Buffalo, Deer, Wild Pigs, and Birds are all plentiful on land but the most remarkable attraction is its endangered monitor lizards, Varanus Komodoensis.

The Komodo Island monitors, known also as ‘Komodo Dragons’ or ‘ora’ are the largest living lizards on Earth and found only on Komodo, Rinca, and Western Flores islands. An average adult can measure up to 3 meters long and weigh 136 kilograms but despite its size, the Komodo dragon can move quickly on the ground and is an agile swimmer and climber. These lizards have a dark gray, stocky body and stout, powerful legs with sharply clawed feet. Their heads are large and long, forked tongues are used to sense the air following the scent of prey, which consists of wild pigs, deer, water buffalo, goats, birds, and other monitors.

Your Itinerary

Day 1: Gili Lawa Darat

After arriving in Labuan Bajo you will be transferred by private vehicle to our tender and welcomed aboard Lamima. From here we 
set sail for Gili Lawa Darat, a beautifully sheltered bay and the perfect introduction to Komodo. Enjoy some of the watersports available or simply relax until the early evening to enjoy panoramic sunset views.

Day 2: Gili Lawa Laut

In the morning we can dive at the best dive site in the park. Here you will swim with schools of fish of varying species including trevally, groupers, sweetlips, barracudas, and white tip reef sharks. In the afternoon we will take a hike to a spectacular view point from where we can see Lamima anchored in the bay below.

Day 3 : Karang Makassar & Padar Island

After a short morning sailing we arrive in Karang Makassar, one of the best locations in the park to snorkel with manta rays. During lunch, we’ll set sail for Padar Island. A beautiful island with spectacular scenery and a great place to see the legendary pink sand that’s unique to this area. Later we can hike up to a breathtaking vantage point to watch the sunset.

Days 4 : South Rinca

In the morning Lamima will set sail to South Rinca, one of the region’s best dive sites. Here you will get to experience the best of what Komodo National Park has to offer. Swim with nudibranch, turtles, sea snakes, and frogfish amongst some of the most colourful coral in Indonesia. After lunch, we will take you by tender to the shore where you will be able to see the world’s largest living lizard, the Komodo dragon.

Day 5 : Sabolon Island

Enjoy a relaxed morning as we head for Sabolan Island with its stunning white beach and equally stunning reef. Enjoy a dive to see barracuda, octopus, scorpion fish, and pygmy seahorses. Alternatively, why not enjoy some watersports on offer. In the evening the crew will set up a beach barbeque for a memorable last night dinner under the stars.

Day 6: Labuan Bajo

For your final morning onboard Lamima, you can take one last swim or a quick watersports session before we transfer you back to the port by tender from where a private vehicle will take to you to Labuan Bajo airport for your onward journey.

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