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Have you ever envisioned waking up in a changing view, sipping a cup of coffee in a comfortable seat on the aft deck of a chartered luxury yacht, do watersports any time you want and how long you want it, experience a spa session differently, ask the ship captain to sail into an extraordinary location and have a stopover in an exotic island, or throw a dinner party overboard during winter?

An extraordinary vacation that will truly take you out of the everyday hustle and bustle life in the concrete jungle with splendid stories you’ll be able to tell family and friends for years to come. Yes, this is possible and the best way to experience this one-of-a-kind adventure with your loved ones is by chartering a luxury yacht that sails through the unspoilt islands that only a few chosen ones can experience.

We are highlighting the top reasons why you would not want to spend your next dream vacation on a luxury chartered yacht. Get ready to start envisioning about your next extra special holiday, well spent with family or friends.

Freedom and flexibility

Living a life where we follow strict rules is an ordinary, everyday scenario. We sometimes take a time off from work to travel only to find out that we’re still sticking to an itinerary made by travel agents and following the limited time allocated for travel groups. If you’re really looking for a breather that will recharge not only your exhausted body, why not look forward to a holiday where you have full control of whatever it is that you want to do without stressing out on a limited time enjoying a scenery or two. Chartering a yacht will give you the freedom to do things as you please without being disturbed by anyone. Liberty and flexibility at its finest.

Culinary delights

Considered as a major part of any holiday, trying out an authentic cuisine you have been longing to taste will surely add up spice to your vacation. If you want a taste and culture of your destination, experience it through food. You do not have to wait for a long queue or make an early reservation; just inform your onboard chef with the meals you want to enjoy. For holidaymakers with food allergy, the best part of having a private chef is, you only tell the chef once about the allergy and ingredients to avoid. Voila! Enjoy your meal plus the priceless view any time you wish to.

Body and mind

One reason why people go on holiday is to recharge. Giving your mind the peace and body the restful time off from your everyday life helps in clearing your mind from the clouds of worries and replenishes your energy. The holistic spa services you get onboard a luxury yacht will surely give you vibrance and a positive life perspective. Experience this peace and quiet escape in the unspoilt island tropics of Asia and keep your eyes open in the beautiful and raw island life.


Jetski, speedboat, water ski, kayak, snorkeling, diving, stand-up paddleboard, wakeboard are few of the myriad of watersports you can do and enjoy onboard, and all yours. Luxury private yachts include these watersport activities in your sea escape. You still have the privilege to do watersports while sailing and explore hidden hideaways you can reach with smaller sea craft.


Are you in for some movie nights, a round of card game, compete in a video game, play pool or foosball, or just have fun playing board games? Many yacht charters feature flat screen TV in the main saloon or in the individual stateroom. The finest luxury yachts even have cinema rooms onboard. Some private sailing yacht has an entertainment room with video games, pool table, or foosball. Endless activities will entertain you while you create happy travel memories with family or friends.


Many charter yachts carry a complement of snorkeling and diving equipment for the ultimate underwater experience. Don’t miss that beautiful coral reef, swim with a school of fish, or explore the deeper end of the ocean. Relax with a beautiful and colorful under the sea adventure in a less crowded island. Enjoy a jet set lifestyle with utmost privacy.


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Discover remote and untouched location in luxury style, comfort, and beyond the parameters of conventional cruising grounds. Whether you want the best spot for fishing, swim with the largest sea creatures, experience the wildlife in their natural habitats, or encounter the natural world with its raw beauty, a charter luxury yacht will take care of these for you. All you have to do is choose which exploration would go first.

Room with changing views

We all have stayed in a hotel or in a resort where we marvel at the beauty of the horizon at the same spot. In a yacht charter, you’ll enjoy the changing, priceless views from sun up to sun down. Wake up to a different location every day and be astonished by the beauty of nature.


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Sail away to remote and untouched locations without the need to please a group of travelers or consider another travel group’s time and definition of a holiday. Read your favorite book under the palm tree while sipping fresh coconut juice and lying on a hammock. The main core of your vacation is complete relaxation and you cannot do that with a crowd of travelers.

With a charter yacht, you can make your getaway extra special however you want it to be. You can feel the big difference between having a regular vacation and opting for a more relaxed, private, extraordinary experience, and ultimately entertaining vacation through a luxury yacht charter.