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There’s a place where the coastline never ends.  Where the water reflects the joy of the sun. It’s a place where castles surmount on vivid pastures and beauty reflects at all times of the day.  

Burma is a country of paradise.  


Why to Visit Burma (Myanmar)?

Perfectly nuzzled in between India, China, Thailand, and the Indian Ocean, it has activities for the masses.  Due to it’s beautifully intricate temples, breathtaking sunsets, and endless water-activities, it’s become one of the top 10 vacation spots in the world.  With it being just smaller than the state of Texas, it’s no wonder why they have so many exciting and eclectic events.

Whether you want to go on a honeymoon that fits both partners tastes or travel solo to see incredible beauty, nothing beats exploring the amiable country of Burma.


Best Time to Visit

If you want perfect temperatures and no rain, the best time to visit Burma is December-February.


Things to Do

Burma has extensive mountains, waterfalls, dedicated wine tours, sailing trips, etc.  But to cut through the clutter, here are some of our fave things to do:


– Escape to Mergui and go scuba diving.  If you’re looking for an ideal day of food, luxury, and unforgettable experience, escape to Mergui.  You’ll first take a boat or yacht (locally or from Phuket) with all amenities provided, and travel the southern coastline.  From there you will swim the formally off-limits archipelago and discover anchorages, untouched reefs, and quirky Indo-Pacific creatures.  It’s a blissful adventure.


– Swim in Indiana Jones- style waterfalls in Pyin Oo Lwin.  If waterfalls are your vacation focus, you must visit Pyin Oo Lwin. It holds a towering waterfall called Dat Taw Gyaint Fall, which is perfect for a day swim or couples retreat.  Its crystal clear water makes it one of the most relaxing places to visit in Asia. Grab lunch to go at one of the nearby resorts and have a picnic with a view.


– Go motorbiking on the road from Mandalay.  If you’re a little more adventurous, take a motorbike tour.  Starting inside Myanmar (Mandalay), the tour takes you throughout the whole country, navigating through backroads, city traffic, and local villages.  Some companies do 15-day tours, which includes food, stay, and bike appropriations, but most do a 1-day, see all approach. Definitely a high speed way to see Burma!


Local Flavors

Known for their agriculture, any mango or tropical fruit is going to set your pallet in an sensational fury.  It’s sweet and refreshing, which is a perfect snack or sugary night cap. You can’t leave Myanmar without tasting pure saccharine.  Also, they are situated right on the water, which only means Seafood galore. Burmese cuisine loves incorporating fish with some kind of starch you shouldn’t eat on a diet, but is a must on vacation. If you’re a seafood lover, you’ve found the mecca.  


If you’re looking for typical local food, definitely try ohn-no khao swè: a sweet curry chicken prepared with wheat noodles, mohinga: a rice vermicelli in a fish broth with onions, garlic, lemongrass, fritters, and a boiled egg; considered the unofficial national dish of Burma, and shwe yin aye: a refreshingly sweet tapioca dessert melted in coconut milk. There are more local and other culturally inspired dishes, but after you try these delicacies you might not want anything else.  But just in case, here are some great local eateries as well:


– Aung Mingalar Shan Noodle Restaurant – If you’re looking for carbs, well you found them.  This popular/local food institute in Yangon is known for their deliciously simple noodles.  Food is served hot, fresh, and always quickly. Come here if you want to embrace Burmese culture.  Don’t forget to try the dumplings as well!


– Yangon street food – A place full of Asian flavors and smells, the most difficult decision is choosing what to eat, not where to find it.  Every corner is stacked with infused pancakes, sweet breads, variety of thokes (Burmese noodle salads), and honeyed banana stuffed desserts.   They open at 6am and close by 7pm, so swing by if you need a satisfying meal or a mini snack.


Where to Stay

There are plenty of resorts, air bnbs, and hotels in Burma.  Since it is a top 10 vacation spot in the world, advanced booking is recommended.

Among the best places to stay in Burma are:

  1. Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon – With sophisticated balconies, complimentary breakfast and wifi, and multiple tropical pools, it’s meant to accommodate all your vacation needs.  Centered in lush greenery, every guest room has a breathtaking view of the Shwedagon Pagoda. It’s also right in the heart of Yangon, so just a few minute from flavorful food, flourishing gardens, and beautiful hiking trails.  


  1. The Strand Hotel Yangon – One of the more expensive hotels in Burma, but you definitely get what you pay for.  They have 24-hour personal butlers, balconies with river views, and complimentary minibars.  Your breakfast is also served in your room or in the posh cafe downstairs. Elegance for a price.  


  1. View Point Lodge & Fine Cuisines – A little more inland than the other hotels, but priced extremely well.  They are all bungalows with a canal or mountain view and have exotic and memorable dining located on the lake.  Breakfast and Wifi is included.


Myanmar is a country of pleasure and paradise.  Whether it’s taking an extravagant yacht to scuba dive in Mergui, motorbiking through Mandalay, or eating your way through Yangon, Myanmar tends to all your ostentatious vacation needs.  Book your euphoric getaway. The beauties of Burma await.


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