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If you’ve read our blog about Burma and are looking for a vacation of discovery, Mergui Archipelago is the place for you and your family.

Mergui Archipelago has over 800 idyllic islands, all of which were off limits to visitors until 1997. It is filled with tropical rainforests, pristine white sand beaches, exotic bird , and animated coral reefs. Here you can swim with turtles, meet the sea gypsies, look out for monkey, or simply relax and soak up the sun. Much of the island still remains unexplored, so it’s perfect for anyone with a heart of discovery. It’s truly one of the world’s last untouched paradises.

Lamima’s itineraries are designed to maximize your charter experience, and we have a sample 7-night itinerary below just for you:

Day 1: Phuket, Thailand
First, you’ll arrive at Phuket International airport in Thailand where after a 20 minute transfer by our private vehicle you will be taken to the tender to board the extensive Lamima yacht. Once aboard, you’ll settle into your cabin, relax on the sundeck or enjoy some of the water sports available before we set sail for an overnight cruise to Myanmar.

Day 2: Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar (Burma)
Enjoy your first morning aboard Lamima with a leisure breakfast, while we clear all the paperwork with immigration. Once the formalities have been completed, we will continue to our first destination in the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar. Here we will drop anchor for the night and take the tender to a nearby deserted island where the crew have set up camp on the never ending coastline and are ready to serve an extraordinary dinner with drinks under countless stars.

Day 3: Lambi Kyun
After a night of beauty, we will raise anchor and set sail for Lambi Kyun. At this moment, we will be looking out for Moken Sea Gypsies, who are an Austronesian people of Mergui who live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. They live in small floating communities and are known for their friendliness, so make sure to wave. Next, we’ll head ashore Lambi Kyun, a densely forested island filled with local flora and fauna and skittish barking deer. It’s a day filled with Steve Irwin adventures!

Day 4: Kyun Pila
Next, we sail to Kyun Pila, an island paradise covered with lush rainforest and home to noisy hornbills. Here we will explore some of the many secluded bays on paddleboards or simple relaxation on a private beach while the crew prepares a mouthwatering barbecue lunch. Afterwards, laze in the shade of the rainforest canopy, or take to the crystal clear waters on Lamima’s jetskis.

Day 5: Lord Loughborough
In the morning, cruise to the jungle covered island of Lord Loughborough. Here there are some great diving sites to catch a glimpse of manta rays, untouched reefs, or quirky Indo-Pacific sea creatures. In the afternoon, there will be an opportunity to visit a nearby fishing village to learn about the traditional boat building techniques from the extra friendly locals.

Day 6: MacLeod Island
Following a wonderful breakfast spread, we will sail to MacLeon Island and head ashore to explore some of the rainforest trails laid down across the island. This archipelago is renowned for its excellent birdwatching, abundant tropical flowers, and invigorating hikes to spectacular panoramic views. We’ll also explore thrilling coastal caves and mangroves by sea kayak and dive among barracuda and trevally while the crew sets up camp on the beach.

Day 7: Zadetkalay Islands, Myanmar (Burma)
After an early morning cruise to Kawthaung to clear immigration for our departure from Myanmar, we will continue to the Zadetkalay Islands where you can spend the day swimming in translucent waters and relaxing on the deserted snow white beaches. For our more energetic passengers, we will have paddle boarding and/or a jukung, one of Lamima’s traditional dugout canoes, to further explore the island and its wildlife.

Day 8: Phuket, Thailand
Finally, after an overnight sail back to Thailand, you will enjoy your final breakfast and last minute water sports onboard Lamima before transferring back to the tender and to Lamima’s private vehicle for a smooth drive back to the Phuket International Airport. Here you will check in for your flight and move onto your next adventure!

Lamima’s Mergui Archipelago expedition are for the Indiana Jones adventurers. It is filled with unexplored islands, tropical wildlife, and breathtaking views. There are generations of friendly local sea gypsies waiting to share culture and traditional Moken lifestyle. For an exciting vacation, come visit Mergui Archipelago.