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Like the beautiful destinations they sail to, yachts have their own season of sailing. Whether you’re planning to escape the humid atmosphere of summer or the cold winter breeze, it is critical to understand the charter season and how they may impact the arrangement of your private yacht charter. A charter season refers to the weather pattern of a destination and highlights the peak demand for yacht charter, which affects the rate of a chartered yacht.

Charter season in terms of weather pattern is broken into winter and summer while the terms high, low, and fringe season are used to refer to the busiest, slowest, and the period between the high and low season. It is imperative to understand that albeit the use of the word “season,” the term refers to periods of weeks instead of a full season.

Asia, with countries being mostly tropical has become a popular destination for travelers wishing to explore exotic island destinations that offer one-of-a-kind experience through private yacht charter.

Below are countries that opened its door to sea voyagers with a distinct taste for luxury travels:


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Thailand is an amazing combination of culture and adventure. Phuket, the country’s largest island is home to the premier Asian destination. World-class hotels and resorts, fancy restaurants with Michelin star chefs, exclusive spas, golf courses that meet the translucent water of the gulf, private villas, and top-notch marinas to name a few reasons why the country is being flocked by luxury travelers.

The dry and sunny weather begins in November and ends in April with the months of January & February posing weak winds. The rainy season begins in May and ends in October. Strong winds are expected during these months, which makes it ideal for sailing. The months of September and October experiences longer periods of rainfall, sailing is on break in these months.  


raja ampat Lamima in Wayag

Indonesia is a country with diverse culture, tradition, and language; a country where Asian tradition perfectly blends with Western comforts. The world’s largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands and estimated 6,000 inhabited islands, a yacht is a perfect vehicle to explore the remote and undiscovered hideaways. Dubbed as a sun-worshipper’s haven, Indonesia boasts exotic island destinations, vibrant coastline, desirable dive sites, and diverse marine life.

From April to October, most chartered yachts are based around the Komodo National Park, on the west shore of the island of Flores. The weather during these months is dry and hot. As the monsoon wind change in direction towards the end of October, the private yachts travel to the northeast, to be based in Sorong. From Sorong, voyagers can sail and explore the 1,500 islands of Raja Ampat.

Myanmar (Burma)


Located at the west coast of Myanmar, Mergui Archipelago is an unexplored jungle-rich island packed with wildlife. Mergui archipelago is famous for its pristine white sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs, lush jungle, and rock formation with hidden lagoons that is only accessible through caves during low tide.

The sparkling turquoise water of Myanmar is best experienced from November to through April. The warm temperature during this period makes it ideal for privately chartered luxury yacht in Myanmar to experience the breath-taking Mergui Archipelago.

As expressed earlier, a charter season can likewise refer to the busiest and slowest times for yacht season in consideration of the weather. Before you charter a private yacht to explore unspoiled hideaways, contact a broker to be well-guided and fully enjoy the exclusivity of your dream vacation.