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When you are packing for your luxury charter yacht holiday, keep in mind that private yacht charters have a vast difference to hotel & resort vacation, villa holiday, and cruise ship sojourn. With a limited room on board for luggage, your packing routine is greatly affected by the available space aboard. Limited space does not only restrain your packing habits, it also allows you to pack smart.

Today, we will give you tips and proven packing strategies to become smarter in packing when traveling, especially on a luxury yacht charter;


Documents are the most important thing to pack when going for a sailing furlough. Make sure that you bring your charter contract, passport and plane tickets, and place it in a dry, waterproof, or resealable plastic container. This way, these important documents won’t get wet and worst, be torn in uneventful scenarios.


Most luxury charter yachts have teak flooring. You have to keep in mind that your luggage wheels may scratch or damage the teak wood flooring of a luxury yacht. You wouldn’t want to leave the eyesore-causing sights in a private luxury yacht. These yachts are well kept and scratch-free and you do not want to cause disagreements between the yacht owner and yourself. Soft-sided luggage, backpacks, and duffle bags are best used when on a sailing trip.


Since luxury yachts have teakwood flooring, yacht crews will most likely ask you to be barefoot when roaming around the yacht. You don’t want to leave scuffs on the flooring with black rubber-soled shoes and scratches from your stilettos. If you’re uncomfortable roaming around the deck barefoot, it is best to wear white-soled rubber shoes or trendy sandals and get ready to sail away.


When sailing during the hot summer season, make sure that you pack light-colored shirts and shorts. Cotton clothes absorb perspiration well and keep your temperature cool. Don’t forget to bring a summer dress, rashguard, boardshorts, and several swimsuits for water activities. If you intend to dine ashore, bring in casual clothes.

Grooming Kit

Do not forget to bring high factor sunscreen as this will be used often, especially if you’re sailing on hot summer days. Luxury charter yacht provides shampoo, body wash, soap, and lotion but if you wish to bring your trusted grooming essential brands, you may do so. Just ensure that you pack these essentials in small, travel size container. Don’t forget to bring your lip balm and insect repellent as well.


One of the travel essentials usually forgotten are sunglasses. Be sure that you bring your polarized sunglasses with you. Polarized sunglasses are best used when traveling at sea to minimize the glare when staring at the water. Inexpensive jewelry suited for island travels is essential for women who want to accentuate their outfit. Wide brim hat is another essential accessory to bring on board. And if you want to keep track of time, make sure you use a waterproof watch.

Electronic Gadgets

Cameras are must-haves when traveling. Just make sure that you bring your camera’s waterproof case as you wouldn’t want sands and sea salt to ruin your camera. Bringing a waterproof case for a smartphone is also essential. Remember to bring your GoPro or underwater camera so you can take photos and videos of your underwater adventure.

Other essentials:

  • ZipLock
  • Dry bag
  • Snorkeling gear (if you wish to use your own)
  • CD or iPod
  • Prescription medication (make sure you have your prescriptions with you and your medicines are kept dry)

Things you do not need on board:

  • Expensive jewelry
  • First-aid kit (all luxury charter yachts have this on board)
  • Make-up and hair dryer
  • Laptop (you’re on a vacation, you need to disconnect)
  • Navigation tools

Sailing Tip:

  • It is very important to leave your valuables at home. Apart from you’re only given limited space on board, it will keep you worry-free.
  • Pack light! Bring only the essentials and never bring the whole closet when you travel. It would help if you would put all your stuff on your bed so you can easily eliminate the things you do not need when packing.
  • You may pack another duffle bag for your souvenirs. If you want to bring home some tangible memories, bring another duffle bag, backpack, or leave extra room on your bag for souvenirs.
  • The winds may be unforgiving when on board. Be sure that you have an extra hat with you.
  • Most luxury charter yachts explore exotic islands or hideaways, do not forget to bring an extra camera battery pack with you. A fully-charged power bank is also a lifesaver.

Enjoy your sailing sojourn and leave all your worries back home. You will surely be delighted by the jaw-dropping views, amazing marine life, and the simplicity of island life as you hop from one island to the other in your chartered yacht.

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